The task of creating customer-centric content for a multitude of starving audiences by the content chief of your business content marketing team gets harder and harder. The reason for this difficulty arises from the increased demand for high-quality, fully optimized and well-customized content to tend to the need of target customers.

In this blog post, you will learn the benefits of using AI-driven content creation tools to meet the demands of your brand’s target audience. So, sit tight and enjoy reading.

Content Creation Challenges Faced by Brands.

According to Statista,  the rate of data creation globally has been forecasted to grow as high as 180 zettabytes by 2025. It will become very hard for businesses to easily meet up with this data and content creation rate with just the help of a small team of content creators and their chief. 

A chart from Statista showing reports of the increasing demand of content.

It becomes even more expensive for your brands if they start to consider employing the services of more freelance writers and content agencies.

The demand for quality content consistent with your brand’s identity, tone or voice becomes a big issue because these freelancers and agencies would find it hard to adjust to your brand’s style of content.

There is also the problem of managing these content agencies and freelance writers as your demand for different content options and desires increases.

These difficulties go as far as affecting how well your brand ranks on search engine result pages as the quality of content posted on your brand’s website or blog determines how well the pages will rank on search engines.

Thorough content optimisation for search engine ranking requires the need of a careful content process, accurate competitive analysis and extensive keyword research.

Using AI-Driven Content Creation Tools

The era of artificial intelligence and machine learning introduced the use of AI-driven content creation tools to tackle the high rate of content demand. These tools help brands deal with the speed at which a brand creates well-customized content while maintaining the brand’s identity, tone and voice.

AI-driven content also has a high rate of ranking on search engines as it is able to accurately answer the search intent of the audience by carrying out a detailed research about the target audience, matching the content with the primary and related keywords that may show up when a search query is logged in on a search engine.

It has been proven that results achieved by AI-driven content tools surpasses the result achieved by the content created by humans. According to the report from Toms hardware, 75% of Americans were outdone by AI in intelligence assessment tests. 

The reason is simple. Content creation involves the use of creative and scientific means in achieving the content goals of a brand. The content goals of a brand could be:

  • Website Traffic 
  • Leads for email marketing
  • Sales and conversion from products and services.
  • High audience engagement
  • Increase in brand awareness and loyalty
  • Audience education and satisfaction etc.

All of these goals require the skilful application of creative(human ideas that can connect with an audience) and scientific methodologies(result-oriented processes that involve thorough research, keywording, optimization and targeted dissemination of content in the right media).

When it comes to the scientific aspect of content creation, artificial intelligence tools do better than humans. This can be seen in how brands today employ the use of advanced SEO optimisation tools like Moz, Semrush and Ahrefs to supercharge their content keyword research.

This ability of AI to process and analyze content data is very useful in generating customized user content. The potential for AI in effective content marketing campaigns and customer satisfaction is a very vast goldmine.

So let’s take a quick peep at the benefits of AI-driven content creation tools.

Benefits of AI-Driven Content Creation Tools

The benefits of AI-driven content creation tools cuts across their usefulness in data gathering, competitive analysis, ideation, content personalisation, improved SEO optimization and much more. Now, let’s dive straight into it.

  • Data Gathering and Analysis: With the advent of powerful content generation tools like ChatGPT, it has been further confirmed that AI can scour the internet searching for data and insights into customers’ profiles with details concerning their ages, place of work, foods they eat, where they love shopping, schools they attend, habits and hobbies, likes and dislikes etc. All these are then analysed into raw data that can be used for creating an audience persona important in content marketing campaigns.
  • Competitive Analysis:  A world without AI would be a world where competitor analysis will be exasperating, porous and subpar. AI-driven content creation tools can use search algorithms and comparisons to analyse your brand’s competitors informing you of the kind of content strategy they used. It goes further to reveal the key performance indicators(KPIs) which are important in making your content do better than your competitors. This helps your content creation to become more streamlined towards meeting your brand’s goals of ranking better than your competitors.
  • Content Ideation:  In an era where tons of information ravages the internet, coming up with content ideas daily which must have originality and with creative ginger enough to be approved by search engines and found satisfying by a starving audience becomes a hard nut to crack for most brands. With the advent and assistance of AI, the ease and speed of generating content ideas have multiplied.  AI-driven content generators won’t just stop at telling you the area to focus on, it will also give you a detailed analysis of the questions your audience is asking and what content your competitors are writing to rank well on their websites.

 The use of AI in content creation comes with its ability to research the internet and suggest content ideas, topics and keywords that are ranking well in your brand’s niche. A very good example is the use of ideations tools like to analyze data and topics trending on a particular keyword.

A function of AI in content creation

  • Personalised Content Creation: The advent of AI-powered content generation tools has taken personalised content creation to the next level for brands and businesses. The creation of personalised content involves thoroughly understanding customers and analysing their data into a useful piece that will be helpful in brand marketing. AI’s can run instant audience research and analysis that can generate customer data and insights for personalized marketing campaigns.
  • Content Proofreading:  Developing effective content strategies and the process of content creation is already time-consuming. Imagine adding the role of proofreading the content to spot errors, wrong grammatical structuring, wrong use of adverbs and prepositions etc. All these can be done with less effort and time with help of AI-content generation tools like Grammarly and Hemingway editor. All these tools help make content creation easier and faster.
  • Improved SEO Optimization: The importance of AI-powered keyword tools in content generation cannot be overemphasized. These tools help in carrying out thorough keyword research paying attention to the search volume, ranking factors and formats in which specific keywords are ranking on search engines. This tedious act which is properly done by AI-powered tools helps improve the SEO optimization of content for easier ranking on search engines.
  • Enhanced Content Management: Content management became much easier with the introduction of AI into content creation processes. Monitoring content results, tracking its impacts and the number of conversions it generates or how many leads the monitoring capabilities of an AI can enhance a social media ad generated.

In a nutshell, content creation using AI-driven tools has become one of the greatest gifts to the content marketing industry as it has made content creation processes much smoother, faster, more efficient and more strategic. It helps in making sure that every angle of the content generation, optimization and dissemination processes is covered.

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